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As a trucker, I got paid by the mile. For every mile I got paid for 22 years, I paid into Social Security. When my back got so bad in 2002 that I couldn't drive anymore, I figured Social Security would pay me my disability without any problem. Boy, was I ever wrong. They turned me down flat.

A friend told me to call Charles Tyler Clark. With just one phone call, I got Mr. Clark on my side. He and his staff worked real hard for me, and made sure the judge got all the facts in my case right. I'm getting my disability checks now without any problem, thanks to Charles Tyler Clark.

- Harold V.


Every morning for 11 years I made sure my 3 kids got to school and my customers got served breakfast and lunch with a laugh and a smile. Then diabetes took away my vision and the feeling in my legs, feet and hands. I filed for disability, but the government wouldn't help me.

Thank goodness Charles Tyler Clark did. His staff started work on my claim the same day I called, and they stayed hard at work until the benefits for me and my children came through. Now that's what I call great service!

- Sonja L.


I love to build things. That's why I worked construction for 18 years. It allowed me to build a good life and solid future for my family. Then arthritis got in my hands, knees, and shoulders, and I couldn't work anymore. I filed for disability, but got turned down. I was in danger of losing everything I had worked so hard to build up for my family.

But then I called Charles Tyler Clark. His staff laid a solid foundation for my case, then topped off the job by getting my disability benefits approved. My arthritis isn't much better, but thanks to Mr. Clark, my future looks a whole lot brighter.

- James P.


All I ever wanted to be was a nurse. I worked nights and weekends to get through nursing school. After 16 years on the job I just couldn't go in to work any more. I slept all day and cried all night. I didn't eat and stopped even leaving the house. It got so bad my husband had to have me hospitalized and that's when I was diagnosed with depressive disorder. The medication makes me drowsy and confused and my sister has to help me just to get through a week of trying to care for my house and kids. When I finally applied for disability benefits they turned me down. If it hadn't been for the lawyers and people in Mr. Clark's office I just don't know what we would have done.

- Gayle T.

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