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Protecting The Disabled And Injured Since 1974

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Protecting The Disabled And Injured Since 1974


Dealing With Disability Claims Is Overwhelming

If you have been disabled, whether because of an accident or due to a longstanding condition, you may be entitled to Social Security and/or Supplemental Security Income benefits. This program is designed to give you and your family relief. However, the application process is complicated and requires extensive documentation. If your claim is denied, as many are, the appeals process is even more complex. You need an attorney who understands disability law thoroughly.

Our Skill And Experience, On Your Side

At the Law Offices of Clark, James, Hanlin & Hunt, LLC, we dedicate our practice to disability law. We offer our clients:

  • Experience. We have been serving clients since 1974 and are known within the community for our skill.
  • Unique understanding. Some of our staff and one attorney are former Social Security Administration (SSA) employees, giving us an inside look into how we can best advocate for our clients’ interests.
  • Personal attention. Our clients receive the benefit of individualized attention and strategy for their cases.
  • Commitment to their interests. Many Alabama Social Security claims are denied at first and require an appeal. We will work hard despite any setback to get our clients the benefits they deserve.

Our lawyers have the background and experience to take on any case. Learn more about their backgrounds by clicking the links below:

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Finding the right attorney to represent you can be difficult. At the Law Offices of Clark, James, Hanlin & Hunt, LLC, we are committed to protecting our clients and would be pleased to speak with you for a free consultation. Call our Birmingham office today at 205-208-7980 or send a message through our online contact form.