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Financial abuse in nursing homes

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2019 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse |

On our blog, we recently explored sexual abuse that occurs within nursing homes. In this post, we will look into financial abuse, another problem in many nursing homes. Financial abuse is especially concerning for a variety of reasons and it is important to draw attention to this problem so that victims can understand their legal options and address wrongdoing. Unfortunately, many people have endured financial abuse without realizing it, while others have stayed silent because they were worried that trying to hold someone accountable for their mistreatment would be pointless.

Unlike physical abuse, which can leave bruises and scars, financial abuse can be very difficult to detect. Someone may be taken advantage of financially in different ways, and they may not realize that someone who is supposed to take care of them is actually manipulating their finances and stealing from them. Many nursing home residents have been taken advantage of from a financial standpoint, and people who are responsible for this behavior should never be allowed to get away with their actions. Sadly, this happens far too often.

Sometimes, family members may notice that something is wrong. If you have experienced financial abuse, it may be helpful to share your experiences with loved ones, and if you notice that a loved one may have been taken advantage of in a nursing home you should not remain silent. Visit our nursing home abuse page to read more information that is connected to financial abuse in these facilities and some of the options victims may have.