Workplace injuries cause victims to suffer intense physical pain, but there are many other different challenges that workers face after sustaining an injury on the job. Aside from the financial ramifications of a work-related accident, the emotional toll is very heavy for many workers too. Sometimes, workers are injured in freak accidents that occurred without warning. At the Law Offices of Clark, James, Hanlin & Hunt, we know that in other instances Alabama workers sustain injuries that were developing over the course of many years, such as repetitive strain injuries. 

When a worker suffers a repetitive strain injury, their job performance often suffers or they are completely unable to work altogether. Hospital bills often follow, along with emotional hardships such as depression over the inability to work or losing the ability to partake in physical activities outside of work. Moreover, these injuries create a host of challenges for entire families, such as stress over financial hurdles and dealing with a loved one who is working through serious problems. 

Workers sustain repetitive stress injuries for a host of reasons, whether their job duties require them to bend over often or they have to use their hands to type throughout the entire day. Sometimes, these injuries occur with little warning, while other people are aware that such a complication is likely due to their job duties. Regardless, these injuries require a careful approach in terms of one’s recovery, and people frequently lose the ability to ever work in a particular field again. Workplace injuries cause many consequences and we discuss this issue more on our disabilities page.