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Protecting The Disabled And Injured Since 1974

Who perpetrates elder abuse and how does it affect patients?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2020 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse |

When a loved one enters a nursing care facility, it is important that said loved one has the care he or she needs. When that care turns into abuse or neglect, it can be devastating.

How can you understand elder abuse? The CDC provides a deeper look at elder abuse and its impact.

The impact of elder abuse on older adults

Elder abuse can take a variety of forms. The abuse may be:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Financial

Also, abuse can involve neglect. Older adults who have their needs ignored suffer neglect. In a nursing home setting, this may include neglect of their hygiene or their needs. For instance, a caregiver may ignore that a patient needs his or her medication or may not assist the said adult in eating.

Emotional and non-physical abuse refers to any psychological abuse. Patients may experience fear and distress. He or she may lose property, feel humiliated or feel separated from friends and family. This type of abuse can destroy a person’s trust. It can leave the older adults feeling anxious and fearful of caregivers and others around the facility.

The perpetrators of elder abuse towards older adults

Not all caregivers and not all other adults will abuse their elders. While some factors can increase the risk of abuse, this does not necessarily mean that violence will happen. Sometimes, those who deal with depression, alcohol or drug dependency and high levels of stress may be more apt to take their problems out on others. In a caregiving setting, if someone does not have adequate training, it can lead to the neglect and abuse of an elder adult.