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Protecting The Disabled And Injured Since 1974

Some hernia mesh brands have high failure rates

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Hernia Mesh |

When patients have hernias and undergo hernia mesh surgery in Alabama, doctors usually use hernia mesh to help support the damaged tissue that surrounds the hernia as it heals. Doctors use hernia mesh to help prevent hernias from coming back. Yet, many patients have reported experiencing serious complications after doctors used it during their hernia surgeries.

Per the National Law Review, some hernia mesh products perform as they should. However, some hernia mesh brands have high failure rates. Hernia mesh failure rates are so high, in fact, that makers of hernia mesh continue to face class-action lawsuits from patients who suffered harm after undergoing treatment with it.

Why hernia mesh fails

When doctors implant hernia mesh during hernia surgery, patients run the risk of experiencing serious complications if the mesh breaks, shrinks or migrates within their body. Some patients’ bodies may outright reject the hernia mesh. Patients also risk developing infections at their surgical sites following the use of hernia mesh.

What happens when hernia mesh fails

Hernia mesh failure may lead to a wide variety of uncomfortable and potentially serious symptoms and side effects. Sometimes, the hernia may reappear despite the surgery meant to remove it. Some hernia mesh patients also experience painful bowel obstructions. This may lead to constipation, vomiting and related discomfort. Other hernia mesh patients report experiencing infections and associated symptoms or swelling at the surgical site following treatment with hernia mesh.

When patients experience one or more of the symptoms outlined above following hernia repair surgery, they should seek prompt medical care. A doctor may be able to determine whether hernia mesh failure may be to blame.