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Protecting The Disabled And Injured Since 1974

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Protecting The Disabled And Injured Since 1974

Moving an elder loved one into an Alabama nursing home involves a significant investment. However, it may prove necessary if your loved ones needs more care than you or others are able to provide. Yet, many nursing homes across Alabama and the nation suffer from chronic understaffing issues. These issues often have a substantial impact on the quality of care residents receive while living there.

According to PBS, many American nursing homes have fewer nurses and other professionals on staff than they report to government agencies. A review of records from about 14,000 American nursing homes also showed that most of these residences see considerable fluctuation in terms of how many staff members are there at a particular time. Many nursing homes lack adequate staff on weekends, in particular.

Issues associated with nursing home understaffing

When nursing homes lack adequate staff, the care your loved one receives while there may prove insufficient. Your loved one may not get his or her meals or medications on time, and he or she may not get the mobility help needed to use the bathroom or prevent bedsores. Understaffing issues may also make your loved one and other nursing home residents more likely to fall and suffer injuries as a result.

Statistics associated with nursing home understaffing

How widespread is the understaffing problem within American nursing homes? The review of about 14,000 payroll records showed that seven out of every 10 nursing homes across the United States lacked enough staff. The review also showed a clear correlation between understaffing and health code violations.

Before moving a loved one into a particular nursing home, ask how many staff members are on-site in comparison to residents.