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Protecting The Disabled And Injured Since 1974

Reasons to file a complaint against a nursing home

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse |

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is not an easy step to take. This is especially true considering the current status of national and global health issues. Whether an aging loved one plan and prepared to reside at a nursing home or a loved one has made the decision to place them at the facility, it is important to understand that not all facilities are created equally.

While state regulations in Alabama outline the requirements of nursing homes, these standards are not always met. Whether it is due to staffing issues, negligence or some other reason, if nursing home abuse or neglect is occurring, one has the right to file a complaint and take legal action.

What to look for

When relocating a loved one into a nursing home, it is important to look for certain situation prior to and during their stay there. Ensure that residents are clean, groomed, dressed appropriately and in pleasant moods. Look at the appearance of the nursing home on the inside and outside, taking note of how well-kept it is, the level of lighting, concerning sounds, noise levels, odors, uncomfortable temperatures for the season and the furnishings. Finally, one should look at the interactions staff has with residents, the quality of food and meals, the atmosphere feeling homely and available meaningful activities for resident to participate in.

Reasons to file a complaint

It’s easy to have concerns while a loved one resides at a nursing home; however, there are situations where it is apparent that a violation has occurred. Common reasons to file a complaint against a nursing home includes evidence of abuse, neglect, poor care, insufficient staffing, unsafe conditions, sanitary issues, dietary problems and mistreatment.

When there is a concern of nursing home abuse or neglect, residence and their loved ones should understand that they have rights. Filing a complaint is a helpful step to take; however, one has legal options. A civil action could help place liability on a negligent party, helping one recover compensation for damages suffered.