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Protecting The Disabled And Injured Since 1974

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Protecting The Disabled And Injured Since 1974

Every Day, People Are Hurt By Fraud

You may think that fraud is something that cannot happen in your everyday life. However, dishonest business practices are legally considered fraud, and the consumer protection attorneys at the Law Offices of Clark, James, Hanlin & Hunt, LLC, are here to aggressively defend you against them.

The Many Ways That Fraud Can Happen

Fraud can happen in nearly any area of your life. We often help clients with issues stemming from:

  • Automobile sales fraud. This includes mileage fraud and rollback, as well as deceptive sales practices that imply you will pay less or receive a better vehicle than you do in actuality.
  • Creditor harassment. Whether your debt is from credit cards, student loans, mortgages or any other source, there are rules governing how creditors can act when collecting. They may not be abusive, call repeatedly or call at certain times of day or night.
  • Incorrect prescriptions. Pharmacists make mistakes. If they give you the wrong medication, wrong dosage or a medication that mistakenly has a severe drug interaction, you may have a case.

Our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients pursue fraud lawsuits against those that have wronged them. Since 1974, we have been known in Birmingham as skilled attorneys.

Call Today For Relief

Fraud can have a huge impact on your life both financially and emotionally. Our lawyers can help. Call our Alabama office today at 205-208-7980, or send us a message through our online system.