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Protecting The Disabled And Injured Since 1974

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Protecting The Disabled And Injured Since 1974

Our Process

We Can Help You Make Your SSD Or SSI Case

The two questions people ask us most often are, “Can you help me qualify for disability benefits?” and “How much will it cost me?” We’ll explain our fee and our process to you. Let’s start with our process, so you understand why it’s a good idea to work with us.

1. Free Consultation

At the Law Offices of Clark, James, Hanlin & Hunt, LLC, our Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) case attorneys and staff listen to your case and explain the requirements of the law. We ask questions about:

  • Your disability: What kind(s) of disabilities do you have, and what medical opinions and test results in your medical records prove that you are disabled? How do your disabilities affect your daily life?
  • Your work history: What kinds of work have you done? How long did each of your jobs last? How much did they pay?
  • Your education: What kinds of work are you trained to do? If you have difficulty walking or standing, do you have the educational background to do work that doesn’t require you to walk or stand?
  • Your application status: Have you already applied for benefits and been denied?

We offer a free consultation to give you an idea of what you may be facing without having to pay a thing.

2. Case Preparation

To provide the best support for your argument that you deserve disability benefits, we will urge you to consult the doctors and specialists who are best able to diagnose your medical condition. Working with your medical records and doctors, our team will then build your case around the facts of your condition.

3. Appeal Filings

We do all of the work on your behalf. We make sure all of the sometimes-complicated filing forms are completed accurately and filed in a timely manner within the proper jurisdiction. This is essential for acceptance under Social Security’s stringent guidelines.

4. Representation

Our experienced staff of case managers and legal assistants will work on building and documenting your case in consultation with your lawyer up to the day of your hearing. On the day of your hearing you will meet with your attorney prior to entering the courtroom. At that time your attorney will prepare you for your testimony and what to expect inside the courtroom. We will also explain the roles of the other participants in a hearing that may include a vocational expert or a medical expert.

The Law Offices of Clark, James, Hanlin & Hunt, LLC, is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and represents clients within the jurisdictions of the hearing offices in Florence, Birmingham and Montgomery, including Montgomery, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Bessemer, Gadsden, Cullman, Jasper, Anniston, Pell City, Decatur, Selma, Florence, Scottsboro, Fort Payne and many others. Effective September 2018, we no longer accept cases in the jurisdiction of the hearing office in Mobile.